USA Pan 6 Cup Texas Muffin Pan

Incredible-tasting extra large muffins start with the premium heavy-gauge aluminized steel 6-Cup USA Pans Nonstick Texas Muffin Pan. The commercial-quality bakeware ideal for home baking offers remarkable durability and consistent heat distribution for the life of the pan. Ensuring flawless baking with easy release, the USA Pans nonstick Texas muffin pan serves up hearty muffin favorites like banana-walnut, blueberry, carrot-spice or cheddar cheese. The corrugated surface design distinguishes the giant muffin pan from lower quality bakeware by maximizing pan strength and preventing warping, denting and other effects of everyday use. Each pan is coated with Americoat Plus, a clear non-stick, environmentally friendly coating that is specifically formulated for superior baking and does not contain any PTFE’s or PFOA’s. Another unique feature of USA Pan bakeware is the corrugated, or fluted, design.  The corrugation maximizes pan strength and prevents warping, denting and other effects of everyday use.  Corrugation also minimizes surface contact with baked goods which translates into an evenly baked product that is easily released.

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