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Turmeric Whipped Honey

Turmeric Whipped Honey

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Hailed globally for its many health benefits, turmeric is said to provide relief for many ailments, from joint pain to digestive issues. The pungent, vibrant, and earthy flavor of this spice is softened by the soft sweetness and thick and creamy texture of Cloister's whipped honey.  This gorgeous, deep orange spread serves as a perfect pairing with Cloister's wildflower honey.

Great over fresh bread or pita crackers; mixed in with sauteed vegetables, beans, and rice dishes; or used as a glaze for meat. 

Whipped Honey (also called creamed, churned, hard, spun or set honey) is honey in which a controlled crystallization process creates a smooth, spreadable delicacy. 

9 oz. 

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