Camano Manual Coffee Mill

The original Steampunk Coffee Grinder. The Camano Coffee Mill offers settings for a super fine grind (Turkish) to a coarse grind (French Press) and everything in between. The ceramic burr provides an extra consistent grind and there are more settings for additional grind options. The top arch is cast iron & a cast iron arch inside the hopper offering further stability for the shaft which allows for a much more consistent grind. 

FDA approved finishes and all the aesthetic changes make the Camano Coffee Mill a superior hand coffee grinder. There are NO plastic parts and its beauty and old world charm make it stand out from the crowd.  Adjusting the grind is pretty easy.  

Our hand grinder can also be used to grind flax seed, cinnamon sticks, peppercorn and other dry seeds or spices.

Hand.built. Hand.branded. All in the USA. Ball Jar made in USA too.

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