Cocktail Kingdom Traditional "Le Bois Lélé" Swizzle Stick

Want to mix your tropical cocktails at home like a Caribbean bartender? Then grab one of these swizzle sticks and place the multi-pronged end in the drink, the handle between your hands, and rub them together to stir.

These authentic Martinique-style swizzle sticks are crafted from the dried wood stems snapped off from the Quararibea Turbinata tree (AKA Swizzle Stick Tree) native to the Caribbean islands.

They don't replace a relaxing Caribbean vacation, but if you only travel there for cool natural swizzle sticks, well, then it saves you a trip.

• Hand harvested, cured, and trimmed
• Traditional "Le Bois Lélé" 
• A natural product so each is unique

Price is for one Swizzle Stick

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