Sunday, April 19 - Cookbook Club Registration

Create 75 beautiful and unique pies using traditional techniques and modern tools from a couple who has baked their way to the top.


Get ready for a new, fresh take on baking the ultimate feel-good dessert: pie! In The New Pie, Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin—winners of more than 500 awards for baking (including the Best of Show Award at the National Pie Championships)—re-examine the wholesome world of pie. Through traditional time-honored techniques, modern cooking methods (like sous vide), innovative flavors (birthday cake; Tahitian pineapple; and mocha "mystery"), and a love for kitchen gadgets (like immersion circulators and silicone texture mats), these legendary competition circuit pie experts reinvent the traditional pastime of pie-making. With step-by-step instructions and playful photography, you'll learn to make groundbreaking creations, including a magnificent Blueberry-Maple Pie with wood-grain lattice, the King Fluffernutter Pie, and a striped chocolate Pie of the Tiger. Whether you are a pie voyeur, new baker, or baking enthusiast you will find inspiration at every turn and pies to satisfy every craving.

 Once you register we will supply you with a free listing of the recipes and ask that you select one. After, you will be emailed your recipe of choice. You will then prepare the dish and bring with you to our Cookbook Club Meeting! No need to double or triple the recipe. There will be more than enough food for everyone! 

This is meant to be a fun gathering where we enjoy good food, try new recipes, and meet other food-loving friends in a laid-back setting.


Reserve your FREE seat for the next cookbook club here and receive further details leading up to our next event! All food is served family style, and you will get to try a little of every dish prepared. There's nothing better than tasting someone's family favorite dish or sipping their favorite beverage! 

PLEASE only "purchase" this if you are attending the Cookbook Club at Eggshells on April 19th at 5:00 pm. If you need more details on the cookbook club, please email us at or call 501-664-6900.

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