Gefu Chicken Roaster and vegetable wok

Fill the aroma top with red or white wine, juice, stock or beer to suit your taste. Season the chicken and place it on the holder - and into the kettle barbecue (or oven) it goes. As the chicken browns evenly on the outside it is gently steamed and flavored inside by the evaporating liquid.

It takes about 60 min until your roast chicken is done - with a delicious aroma, nicely crisp and crusty outside and infinitely juicy and tender. For a side dish, just throw your favorite vegetable into the wok.

  • Holds 10 oz of marinade or beer in the aroma top.  
  • 36 cm diameter (appox. 14") ; 9.5 cm high (approx. 3.75") 
  • Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe

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