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Gifts That Bring a Taste of Arkansas
November 18, 2014
Traveling to someone's home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other occasion in the next few weeks? Don't forget a gift! Try one of these gifts from the Natural State.
What's the Big Deal About Brining?
November 13, 2014

There are as many ways to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey as there are stars in the sky, but one method that has gotten a LOT of buzz over the past few years is brining. So.. uh, what the heck IS brining? We're glad you asked.

Thanksgiving Roasting Requirements
November 12, 2014

We're thankful for lots of things, but ESPECIALLY these gadgets & gizmos that make Turkey Day just a teensy bit easier!

5 Discontinued Foods We Totally Miss
October 10, 2014

We just... need these foods to come back.

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