Game Day Goodies

We've said it before, we'll say it again. Saturday marks the beginning of regular season Arkansas Razorbacks football, and we couldn't be more stoked for everything it means. This is the time of year when state pride REALLY shines, regardless of which side you're rooting for (but... you are rooting for the Hogs, right?).

For some of us, game day means we go tailgating. For others, it means we crowd onto a couch with our best buddies & scream at a television. No matter where you are or how you participate, you can't deny how contagious football fever is--and we at Eggshells are no exception.

Football foodies are a neat breed of people, and they always seem to have the coolest gear in tow at parties & in stadium parking lots. Wonder where they get their awesome game day swag? Here's a peek at some of the awesome game day goodies we've got at Eggshells:



1. Lugging drinks to and from tailgate sites can be a struggle--coolers are HEAVY when they're full of ice and cans! Leave your Yeti cooler at home this season and instead take a Vinnebago--a stainless steel canteen that will keep beverages chilled for 25 hours and drinks hot for 15. It's big enough to hold a whole bottle of wine. It can go places glass can't. It's basically the most perfect thing ever and we're in love. In fact, we've got some mimosas in one right now...

2. Speaking of cocktails, how are you going to serve that wine? If you're like us, you've broken a lot of wine glasses trying to transport appropriate drinkware to parties. We're OVER that since we started using GoVino glasses--acrylic, shatterproof stemware that ergonomically fits in your hand.. and doesn't break. They're even available in beer glasses!

3. Tumblers in every color are available from Arkansas-based company Bentley Plasticware, but for game day, we choose these precious Hog tumblers. Grab a set of four--they're guaranteed unbreakable (and trust us.. Georgeanne's given them a run for their money) & dishwasher safe!

4. BBQ nut in the family? Quit trying to grab your food with your bare hands. Those burns aren't nice. Use the heat-resistant Pit Mitt instead and save your fingers.

5. Yeah, that's a party bowl that looks like a red Solo cup. Is it a popcorn bowl? Is it an ice bucket? Is it a drink holder? It's whatever you want it to be, but we know it's super cute. And red, too!

6. Grillers rejoice--this is the ultimate portable charcoal grill. It folds into its own carrying case, y'all. You can even get one with a Razorback on it. Need we say more?

7. An insulated basket is a must-have for toting your awesome appetizers. Try this one--it's got a pocket!

8. Sooie Sauce--it's a BBQ sauce just for the Hogs. 'Nough said.

9. We'd be silly if we didn't include the #1 selling appetizer item at Eggshells--Captain Rodney's Boucan Glaze. If you haven't had a Captain Rodney's Boucan Cheese Bake, we feel sorry for you. Thankfully, the recipe comes with the bottle!

One thing we know for sure? It's much easier to call the Hogs when you're not worried about breaking classes, keeping drinks cold, or what to serve at the watch party. We're so glad for this season--it's a blessing to be able to enjoy football with good friends and food!

Woo pig sooie, and as always, our best wishes for egg-cellent dishes!

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