A Very Arkansas Valentine's Day

We've said it before and we'll say it again: the way to our heart is through our stomach. Tasty gifts and experiences are truly some of the best to give and receive. What really ups the ante, though? A gift made in or inspired by the great state of Arkansas.

We've rounded up four ways to make your Valentine's Day a very Arkansas holiday!

1. Arkansan artisan chocolates from Cocoa Rouge

This ain't your drugstore box of chocolates. Ashton Woodward of Arkansas Fresh Bakery continues a line of gourmet Belgian chocolate-making with his beautiful chocolate assortments, hand-made in Bryant. Available at Eggshells are three different sizes, making them suitable for all sorts of giving--sweethearts, teachers, and everyone in between!

Ashton was nice enough to give us a sample box once. We may have downed the whole thing in one sitting. You've been warned.

2. Recipes using delicious Arkansas products

You don't have to fight the Valentine's crowd for an amazing Italian meal. Why not make a recipe using Bonta Toscana, a versatile Tuscan garlic sauce made by Little Rock resident Amy Bradley-Hole? 

We love these zucchini parmesan crisps with Tuscan garlic dipping sauce from Kevin Shalin or this lasagna recipe from Steve Shuler of Little Rock Foodcast, but the possibilities for deliciousness are endless!

3. Write your love story using Arkansas landmarks

Remember your first date? Love your favorite restaurant? Did you meet at Central High School? Use coasters made by South Austin Gallery featuring local landmarks to write out your own personal story.

4. Take a cooking class

Eggshells brings Arkansas's best and brightest gourmets to you with our series of cooking classes. They are an intimate, fun look into the culinary landscape of Arkansas--and they are the perfect date night! Check out our cooking class schedule and reserve your seats!

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