Shrimp Bisque

There is a certain elegance to finding a way to use every last bit of what you purchase at the grocery store-- the bones in the meat, the peels of the vegetables, the cans the beans came in, or even the shell of the shrimp. 

Here's what you do, see: buy the unshelled shrimp at the store. Yeah, it's a hassle to shell and devein it, but you'll reap the rewards later (and it's cheaper!). For now, just enjoy your shrimp and throw the shells into the freezer.

Now it's a week down the road. Or two, or five weeks. Hrm, there's that dang bag-o'-shrimp-shells in the freezer, you think to yourself. It's time. You're gonna make some awesome shrimp bisque with it. Throw the shells into a saute pan and cook them until they're pink. Then deglaze the pan with some white wine. 

Transfer the shells into the blender. Puree. Use a chinois to strain the stock into a stock pot containing your favorite tomato soup. Blend with immersion blender. Enjoy!

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