Tuesday Timesaver: Wasabi Ginger Stir Fry

Hi, my name is Georgeanne, and I have a hard time planning meals.

Despite having a million Pinterest boards (y'all: follow us on Pinterest) with hundreds of mouth-watering recipes, zillion cookbooks, one hundred kajillion billion food magazines, and endless recommendations from friends, more often than not, when Monday rolls around, I have nothing planned for dinner. And then I get hangry.

I need something to feed me fast--but I want that something to be wholesome and actually good for me. I don't want to just stuff my body with yet another frozen meal.

It was one of those Mondays yesterday, so I went to one of my go-to recipes for fast, easy flavor. I thought I'd share with y'all, in case you had a case of the Mondays, too!

Stir-fry is unbelievably easy, healthful, and flavorful. You can choose any protein (or go meatless--I do quite often) you like, toss in some fresh veggies, add a little sauce, and go nuts. Noodles or rice, meat or no meat, spice or no spice, you've got a dinner in less than 30 minutes.

This Monday, I decided to make stir-fry and use Stonewall Kitchen Wasabi Ginger Sauce to add a sweet, tangy flavor to some pork leftovers I had. I threw in snap peas, fresh bell peppers, and green onion, but you can add anything you like. (It would probably help if I ate broccoli or cauliflower, huh?). Here's the unbelievably easy recipe (seriously, y'all) and a few stir-fry tips and tricks:

Wasabi Ginger Stir-Fry

Here's what you'll need:

  • a deep saute pan or wok (either will work, but get a wok! you'll love how versatile & easy it is!)
  • one bottle Stonewall Kitchen Wasabi Ginger Sauce
  • veggies
    • for this recipe, I used snow snap peas, green onion, and bell peppers, but literally ANY and all veggies are delicious in stir-fry dishes!
  • meat, if desired
  • cooking oil (we use rice brain oil [I'll explain why in a bit])

Here's how to do it:

1. Cut your protein into strips or bite-sized pieces.

- Small pieces are key to wonderful stir-fry. You don't want floopy meat!

- If you have some time, Stonewall Kitchen Wasabi Ginger Sauce can be used as a marinade (as can most sauces). You may want to consider marinating your meat for a few hours. Otherwise, simply tossing your meat in the sauce will work just fine!

2. Turn your burner to high heat. Coat the bottom of your pan with a decent layer of cooking oil.

- We use rice bran oil at Eggshells. It has a very high smoke point which makes it ideal for high-heat cooking methods like stir-frying (hey, look!) and deep frying. And did we mention it's an Arkansas product?

- "But how do I know when my pan is ready?" GREAT stir-fry begins with a screamin' hot pan. You'll know it's ready to go when you drip a few droplets of water into your oil and the oil crackles.

3. While your pan is heating, chop your veggies.

- Use whatever veggies you like: just make sure they're dry when you toss them into the pan. The more water, the bigger the risk of limp vegetables.

4. When your pan is hot (and you'll know because you did the test I just told you, right?), add your veggies, meat, and sauce, and begin stir-frying. Use a utensil to continuously move your ingredients over the high heat. Keep that heat high! Cook until done (it's quick, you guys--four to seven minutes, depending!).

- Don't crowd your pan! Stir-fry shines when the vegetables are crisp--an almost impossible task if there isn't room to tumble them!

- Stir-fry gets its name from the constant moving of the ingredients in the hot pan. Think of it like the tumble cycle on your dryer. Take the veggies on the top and move them to the bottom. Take the ones on the bottom and move them to the top. You want to cook everything evenly!

- When you add sauce, add it to the sides, not the middle of the pan. Dumping it in the middle brings the pan's temperature down.

5. Serve over rice (boil in bag is just fine, y'all), noodles, or eat as is. I recommend eating it in a Flavour Design Udon Ramen Noodle Bowl.

No method of cooking is as versatile, healthy, and easy to do in a pinch as stir-fry. Any time I want to mix it up, I just change what sauce I'm using, what protein I use (or don't use), or what veggies I throw in. I never get bored.

What's your favorite fast and easy weekday recipe? Tell me in the comments!

As always, my best wishes for your dishes!


PS. Do you have room (but not time) for dessert? Maybe you should try FIVE MINUTE FUDGE!

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