Our Fall Foodie Bucket List

It's fall, y'all!

And we've come up with the ultimate fall activity list for foodies and non-foodies alike! We've got a free printable & image to pin so you can experience the autumn season like it's meant to be done!

Wondering how you might knock a couple of these off the list? Here are just a few suggestions:

Make chili - Make sure to be at Eggshells on October 4th for Chili Fights in the Heights, where Arkansas's best & brightest amateur chili cooks gather in our beloved Heights neighborhood to put their chili to the test. Who has the best chili in Little Rock? You can be one of the judges--simply purchase a chili tasting kit (with all proceeds benefiting an Arkansas charity) and help decide!

Go to the State Fair - Some of the most interesting culinary treats can be found at the Arkansas State Fair, October 10th-19th, which is celebrating its 75th year!

Bake cornbread - Think your cornbread recipe is a winner? The Arkansas Cornbread Festival on November 8th gives you the chance to show off! Y'all. There's categories for traditional, non-traditional, side dishes-- and lots of prize money. And last year's winners got featured in Food Network magazine. It's time for you to get in on the action. Registration closes October 10th!

Roast a chicken - Ready to tackle roasting a chicken? Stop by the store, get our fool-proof recipe for the perfect roast chicken, and make sure you've got a good roasting pan to do it. We've got your hook-up!

What's your favorite fall activity? Did we forget anything that screams 'fall' to you?  Leave us a comment below!


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  • I plan on doing the whole list! Everything. I love autumn!

    Lori T.
  • That looks like a great list!


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