5 Discontinued Foods We Totally Miss

If you didn't know by now, we love a novelty food. They come into our lives so fast and seem to be discontinued just as quickly.

No, novelty foods aren't anywhere close to gourmet, and usually they're a massive affront to our health, but we can all agree discontinued foods taste like sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Today's Friday Five is all about Discontinued Foods We Totally Miss. Cue "If I Could Turn Back Time" and reminisce with us.

5 Discontinued Foods We Totally Miss

1. Spearmint Tic Tacs

Georgeanne's Grammy always had a package of Tic Tacs in her purse, and that package of Tic Tacs was usually Spearmint. She'd like to think it's the reason she's got such an affinity for anything spearmint. Delicious, minty goodness in a tiny capsule.

2. Waffle Crisp

Supposedly, you can still find Waffle Crisp in some places, but don't ask us where. No clue. And we love you, delicious cereal. We miss you.

3. Butterfinger BB's

Do we miss the taste of these or the Simpsons TV commercials? We're not sure. These bite-sized candies sure were good, though!

4. The KFC Double Down

The KFC Double Down returned earlier this year for a brief moment, until everyone remembered that it wasn't really a great idea to eat a sandwich made of two fried chicken patties. Hm.

5. Hi-C Ecto Cooler

The only acceptable flavor of Hi-C, honestly. It just tastes like childhood.

What discontinued foods do YOU miss? Have you had any of the foods on our list?


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