7 Questions with Ben Brainard

We love Ben Brainard! You've had some of Chef Ben Brainard's delectable dishes if you've ever dined at LOCAL LIME... and we know you'll be at Heights Taco & Tamale Co. as soon as it opens!

We asked Ben seven questions. Get to know Ben a little bit better!

7 Questions for Ben Brainard

1. It's Friday night and I want to go out to eat somewhere other than my restaurant. I go to ________. 

South on Main. Matt and Amy Bell are two of the best in the business at providing and welcoming, comfortable, delicious evening to all who go.

2. My favorite type of international cuisine is _______.

I love Sushi. Sashimi and a little wasabi will be my last meal. I'm also a sucker for Saki. So clearly I need to visit Japan soon.

3. If I could cook for any five people (alive or dead), I would cook for:

Bill Murray, Bill Withers, Wild Bill Hickok, Bill Clinton, Bill Maher

4. My favorite thing to cook that isn't on the menu at my restaurant is ______.

Osso Bucco and risotto with roasted carrots.

5. One food I can't stand is _______.

Man, there really isn't one. Truly. I'm not crazy about mackerel, I guess...

6. I think everyone should know how to make _________.

Roasted chicken. It's healthful, inexpensive and delicious.

7. Something few people know about me is _______.

I'm allergic to coconut and incredibly scared of spiders. Like, phobic.

(photo courtesy of Heather Watkins Raymond)

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