Spring Clean Your Kitchen

You may not realize it until it’s too late—yes, those tools we use every day in the kitchen get grimy and need replacing! Prepare yourself and your kitchen for spring by making sure these 5 gadgets are in tip-top shape!

1. Vegetable peeler

It happened to us recently: we reached to peel our potatoes for an au gratin and realized our peeler was as dull as a marshmallow. That thing couldn’t cut anything!

We’re fond of these Kuhn Rikon Swiss peelers, and so are local chefs--one chef waited until we got that specific peeler in before he'd buy another one! Wow! 

2. Pastry brush

When you start finding bristles in your butter, you know it’s time for a new pastry brush!

Nylon bristles are okay, but we're increasingly finding ourselves turning to heat-resistant silicone pastry brushes that we know won't shed in our melted butter or sauces. 

3. Dish towels

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen decor is with some cute new kitchen towels. Check out our collection here!

4. Kitchen Scrubbies

Yeah, you could keep using your grungy old sponge, but.. why? These fish scrubbers are so functional and just too cute!

5. Rubber spatulas

Maybe you left it in a pot too long and it got burned. Maybe it’s been through the dishwasher a few too many times. Either way, a new spatula will make you feel brand spanking new!

We love the Chef'n Switch It Spatula line because they're two spatulas in one! Made of super heat-resistant silicone, we use them to stir melting chocolate as well as scrape our bowls!

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