4 Reasons to Love the PK Grill

Grilling is an American tradition. We'd like to think we do it right in the South--and especially down here in Little Rock, where we're blessed to have the PK Grill in our arsenal.

We love our PK Grill and use it for practically all of our outdoor cooking, both at home in our backyard, here at the store, or out in the field. 

Your grilling life needs an upgrade, and we're convinced the PK Grill is the solution for you. Here's why.


1. Dual function: both grill and smoker.


Whether you prefer to grill or smoke, the PK Grill can do it for you. There's no need to go out and purchase two pieces of expensive equipment when you've got dual functionality.

The PK Grill's cast aluminum construction is ideal, both for grilling or smoking.

You can grill foods at high temperatures for shorter amounts of time (we're thinking mouthwatering steaks, kebabs, and of course, classic burgers and hot dogs) or smoke low & slow. Pork shoulder, beef brisket.. ribs.. it's all up to you. 

We especially love the nickel-plated steel grilling grid. It's hinged, allowing for easy refueling of charcoal or wood chips without moving our food.

2. Superior temperature and air control.

Call us control freaks, but BBQ and smoking is all about air and temperature control, so we need a grill that's gonna give us that.

The PK Grill features a 4 way venting system (2 vents on the top lid, 2 vents in the bottom casting) that allows us to direct the flow of our smoke and the heat of our flames. 

Why does the flow of air matter? Well, depending on how we open the vents in and where we position our food in relation to our coals or wood chips, we change the method of cooking.

We can keep all the vents open and place our food directly above the heat source, or we can alternate between open/closed vents and indirectly cook our food to perfection. 

Here's a handy graphic, courtesy of the fine folks at PK Grills, to explain:

PK Grill Direct Cooking

PK Grill Indirect Cooking


Aluminum grills will conduct distribute heat more evenly than other materials, so we can be sure that we're not creating hot or cold spots. The PK Grill's 1/4th inch thick aluminum casting is thick enough for it even to act as an oven in addition to an outdoor grill.

3. It's durable and portable.

With the end of summer comes an inevitable sadness--you're driving through the neighborhood and you can practically lose count of all the busted, dented, and beat up charcoal grills on the curb, waiting to be taken to the recycling center. 

You won't see a PK Grill on the curb waiting for trash pick up. It's durable and built to last a lifetime--and a lifetime of adventure, at that!

Aluminum is inherently rustproof. In our Arkansas humidity and other high-moisture areas, the PK Grill withstands the elements.

Its hinges are molded to the capsule castings, which means that you don't have to worry about old hinges breaking due to rust and/or use. 

Because there aren't attached hinges, simply take off the top casting for easy cleaning.

Another bonus? Unlike so many grills of similar size, the PK Grill is designed for maximum portability. Maybe it's because the original designer of the PK Grill began by selling them out of his car, but that tradition of portability continues today. 

The PK Grill is durably constructed and heavy-duty enough to withstand whatever comes its way, but it's light enough that one person can lift it. The oven comes out of the carriage cart, so you can transport it easily, whether it's to the lake or to the tailgate.

4. It's got history.

Some stories just make you proud to be an American. Some make us even luckier to be Arkansans.

From the inception of the PK Grill in 1952 to its rebirth in the late 1990s, the Portable Kitchen Grill has been hand-made in the USA, and since the 1960s, it's been a Little Rock, Arkansas product.

Hand-poured into individual molds, you can be sure that your grill was constructed with care. It's going to be a member of your family after all. It's an American grill with an American story.

You may hear your dad talk about his grill he's had since the early 1970s--the durability of the PK enables families to pass their grills down for generations. 

Man. What an awesome grill.

Ready to explore the PK Grill for yourself? 

(some images used courtesy of PK Grill)

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  • As far back as I can remember my dad owned and proudly used his silver PK grill (late ’50s) every opportunity he had to cook out. Dad passed away in 1972 … unfortunately his grill disappeared at about the same time, never to be seen again. I began grilling at about this time and decided convenience rules over quality. Over the years I assembled and connected propane to more gas grills than I can remember… then a couple of years later I would roll them to the curb when they wore out. For several years now I have searched for a grill similar to what dad had. Two weeks ago that search ended when I stumbled on a grill not similar … but was exactly the grill my brother, my sister and I so fondly remember. I know that somewhere there are photos of the family and dad around his ’old PK, but if they are never found there will be new photos and memories soon around mine. Thank you PK for allowing this memory and tradition to carry on for another 40+ years.
    Sincerely, Larry Browning, Rowlett Texas

    Larry Browning

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