5 Ways to Celebrate National Donut Day

June 5th is National Donut Day. We're taking a moment to appreciate this delightful treat in the following ways--and we think you should totally join us! Get on the festivities, y'all. Party's on.


1. Stop by a donut shop!

Grab a donut at any one of the 12 donut shops listed by our friend Daniel Walker of Rock City Eats/Daniel is Eating. Whether you're on your way to work or just in need of something sweet, any one of these central Arkansas shops is sure to please. (image via Daniel Walker/Rock City Eats)

2. Coffee + donuts = love.

Coffee and donuts just go together.

Enjoy your donuts with a good cup of coffee! Stop by the Root Cafe in downtown LR for a cuppa Rozark Peruvian Organic, or grab a bag of beans here at the store and take your java home. We'll even grind it for you!

3. Make some donuts.

We're salivating over these recipes on our Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to donuts. Oreo donuts? Old fashioned sour-cream donuts? THIN MINT DONUTS? They're all there!

4. Get crafty.

Watching what you eat? Not feeling a donut, but still feeling festive? You can still celebrate! How about a DIY donut necklace? Donut pillows? Donut balloons? (image via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Dress up your donut.

Up the ante of a plain cake donut with dulce de leche, dark chocolate sea salt caramel sauce, or any one of our jams or jellies! The possibilities are truly endless.

How will YOU be celebrating National Donut Day? Is it spelled 'doughnut' or 'donut'? Leave us a comment below! Let's talk tasty treats.

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